sydnee, 18, wtf

we put on lipstick and kissed the wall in the venue bathroom (gross ik)

bye @ me im in a bad mood n i have stats class 2 attend


i wanna die but maybe something cool will happen so ill stay alive for now


i want 2 cut all of my hair off and dye it blonde today 

go on a run and take a nap !!!! ITLL BE OKAY

im gonna go to the gym after 4 when im done with classes i would die if i didnt


im in a horrible mood n my face is breaking out n i dont really have friends and im sad today and i want to go and hang out with brandon 4 the rest of my life becasue im 97% sure hes my only friend and the only person who likes me/im still sad

these shorts also dont fit and im pissed off that i bought them bc they fit in the legs but the FUKCING WAIST IS HUGE AND THEYRE LIKE FALLING DOWN N U CAN SEE MY UNDERWEAR IM in a bad mood 

wen u go “ok” n then u cry